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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Releasing SpeakUp Android App Source

After not making it through ADC2, me and my friends decided to release the source code of SpeakUp, unlike previous projects like Monmonja Battery and Talking Caller, we are releasing it under GPLv3. We believe this would be better to keep this project and other projects that will use the source base to be in and stay in the open source world. We are releasing the official ADC version of the App, the market version of the app would remain closed source until we decided to open it up too (most probably, and currently they are almost the same). Anyway hope this sources would help others in making android apps.

On the new source, there are few updates and few fixes and uses the default TextToSpeech in android 1.6.

Head over Google code for the source.
SpeakUp in Google Code

1 comment:

Tekkno Genius said...

Thank you for posting your source code. I am starting to program for the Android and your code will no doubt be a big help.