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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Want to test your app in x86 android?

After weeks of being busy, finally had a time to play with android :) So i tried the live cd of android x86. Head over and download the latest version.

Im using parallel on mac and i could get the internet and other stuff to work, the market is not the default market you have on your android phone right now but its an okay market. Its quite fast since i allocated 1Gb of ram to it. lol

Search for android phone

By this I its faster to debug your application using this than the emulator. If you want do to so, here is a brief concept of how it could work.
* Make sure you have a webserver (XAMPP should be fine)
* If its newly installed then change the DocumentRoot of Apache (not really recommended) to the location of your working environment (your workspace folder), the configuration of apache is at under xamppfiles/etc/httpd.conf of your XAMPP folder on
* If you dont want to change the DocumentRoot of your Apache or if the previous step didnt work, then either make a symbolic link of the folder, mount the folder, create a VirtualHost on httpd.conf. I'm not really sure of this one. Will any apache expert shared a light on this one. Thanks.
* Start and restart your apache (use the XAMPP control applet/panel)
* On your virtual machine, head over the browser to download your app. By default when you compile in eclipse an apk is generated under the bin folder. For example and it should install.

I'll update the last part of the post when the concept becomes a reality. :)

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