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Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Android involvement for this site in 2010

Some of you might be wondering why there isn't any post recently regarding Android or why have i not answer any of the question on the blog, i have been doing something unique for the Android community which i believe no one has ever done or atleast i haven't seen it. So what is it?

Basically i'm applying (finally) the knowledge I gather from doing/maintaining my current company's flash framework, our company flash generator that is based on ExtJS that would export JSFL files that could then build a working flash prototype, with fla and AS3 sources (ExtJS to PHP to JSFL to flash fla/AS3). What does this have to do with Android?

If you work with me, you will know how lazy I am that i want everything to be automate or atleast i'll do it once and automate the next time or the development time should not be that long. But automation does came with a price, usually the price is learning a lot of technologies, like the example above i have to learn ExtJS, PHP5, JSFL and AS3. And for this project i have to learn ExtJS(more advance stuff), HTML5(will remove IE from the equation), Python using App Engine and Android (need to step up the learning). The purpose of this project is to cut down the time for you to build an app, and possibly cutting down the time for anyone to build an android app.

When can i see it?
The whole concept came to me at Dec 31 while waiting for the new year to come, and since i have a full day work therefore the whole project is still at its baby stage. Here is a screencap of the current development

(yes the phone and its layout is done using css, one of the main reason why I excluded IE).

Update Jan 11, 2009

Why am i doing this?
This year, my resolution is to start a new life, a new life that would mean i have to go out to the world and give back what i have gain from it. And to do that I have to be in an English speaking country, tried to apply to US, Canada, Australia and a lot more but no one came back to me, so i have to build something that would showcase my talent and at the same time give back to the community. My resume is at LOL.

The end production's sources would be opened to the world, the builder under GPL, the python under GPLv3 or apache, then android sources under Apache sources. I would try to give update every month if possible or more frequently.

I would like to get feedback from you guys, any suggestions or any comments?

Let's fire up the android development!!! :)