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Friday, April 30, 2010

Tim Bray as Android Blog Editor, Google Sites and Mobile Contest

Tim Bray is now the new editor of this Android Developers’ Blog, exciting times for the Android Developers' blog, my wish is to further expand the knowledge on how to do certain things and on the side note build a better emulator where we could emulate consumers phone hardware. Let help and hope that Tim would bring android to the next level. More of this news on

A Google Site? As i have switch job to being more on FrontEnd Programmer with, there im doing Android, CSS, Javascript, Flash, Bondi and a lot more. My love for Android and the mobile scene grows everyday. And one proof of that love a Google Site on Tutorials for Mobile Developers (Its super new), The android links are quite complete i suggest you guys to check it out.

Another proof is a site dedicated for developers around the world to get a chance to be the next big thing on mobile arena by wining contests that companies hosted, and that proof is

As other might notice, i havent been blogging lately, its because of the proof above and the rewriting of from PHP to App Engine Python (

All Google? Nope as stated above i'm not working for them but how i wish (hope i wont fail again if i got another interview), its just im for open source, I love ubuntu, firefox, bondi widgets, cakephp, jquery and a lot more.

Hope the new services above would help my fellow developers :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Change View Position in Android

After a long silence, im back with a new Android post, a problem i encounter recently. So you have a view, you want to change the location of the view how can you do that?

There are a lot of ways in dealing with this, you could use SurfaceView and add some Views on top of it, or if you think its hard to deal with SurfaceView then here is a solution.

This solution might not be the best solution but it does work, and it works if you if still need to cater the first batch of android phones that comes with 1.5,1.6.

yourView.layout(left,top,left+width (right), top+height(bottom)

I used in a custom view with animation where setFillAfter is not working properly, so i have to come out with a solution on where the last frame of the animation is the layout(l,t,r,b) new position.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Android developers in the Philippines

Are you a developer and your currently in the land of my birth, the Philippines, then head over to Globe's site to check out the new and exciting Android contest

Got this from my new blog
Mobile App Contests

Friday, April 2, 2010

To OpenRice, not to Google

April fool is done here on our side of the globe, and thus time to reveal the real company. I did resign from Razorfish for several reason, and the biggest reason is I wanted to focus more on Mobile and thus this is where OpenRice comes into play.

OpenRice is the biggest Restaurants Guide in HK, and is currently expanding in other SouthEast Asia region like the Philippines, Shenzhen China and Macau.

In OpenRice,i would deal with more Mobile and more of Frondend web, as my title would suggest, for other details cant discuss it but definitely would have more time to explore the mobile arena and would have more time to help other Android developers :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Will Work in Google

Great news, to the readers of this blog, i would be heading to Google to do Android stuff. Happy times ahead :)

One of the main role is to provide more communication with external programmers, this comes hand in hand with building more Tutorials, building tools for autogeneration of codes and helping you guys how to understand the documentations on Android dev.

This site will remain as is and would include some tutorials and how to that might be tackle on the tutorial site that is planned for you guys.

I would like to thank Razorfish Hong Kong for all the knowledge and experience they provided during my stay.