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Monday, July 12, 2010

App Inventor

Incase you didn't read the news today, App Inventor is announce, its a way to develop Android App without programming. And what do I have to say about it?

1. Kindly fix the GUI tool in eclipse before releasing some GUI tools for noobs when the SDK for developers cant work properly...

2. It would generate a lot of stupid application, since the market is already in a mess, it would be a lot more messier (yes its redundant) when this comes out. Yes there would be 1 or 2 that would be good that would came out from this but how many nonsense apps would be out there. Is the number of apps really that important to battle yourself with iOS when more than 50% of the apps are nonsense and copy cat apps.

3. I know the palm guy is now in Android but do you have to copy Project Ares (btw their interface is way better then App Inventor)

As you can see, i hate it, giving power to create applications is not the same with the power normal people gets in creating websites, in the web you dont have to download and install something (unless android would have this feature) and thus mobile users are committed into what they had downloaded, but on the web, users usually pass by a page then forget about it like nothing happens and on the web you can just bounce into a single page in the middle of the sitemap and you dont have to download/visit the whole site.

For example, your friend, far from you, found a cute page on the web, most of the time they would give you a link and you'll click on it and you'll view it (its done), in a mobile application when your found a cute activity on the app, they would give the market link/apk/QRCode to their friend, friend would download, wait, install, wait, open app, other friend would tell them where to see the activity. These process is disappointing when the other friend, who's interest so happen to be slightly different, found out that app she/he got from the other friend is not worth her time. While this still happens in the web but usually the user would just close the site within few seconds and they dont have to uninstall it.

Unless Android or other mobile OS dont behave like the web, too many apps in any market that have more useless apps then useful apps are not a good indicator. And kindly fix the GUI on Eclipse or create a new IDE for Android for developers/designers if Eclipse is not enough for the GUI stuff.
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