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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Non Android Post

I had a wonderful vacation last week (9 days in the Philippines), and one of my friend said that my blog is pure Android related and that i should post a non android one, and this is that post (beau ayan na po). But before i go through with it, coming is a Google DevFest 2010 here in Hong kong since i just had my long vacation, i cant attend this one, but for those interested join the GTUGS group of hong kong for more information.

Day 1 - After arriving in my hometown, went to visit my Grandfather who had been in comma state for 1 year (i hope he gets well soon). After few hours when back to our house and sleep (I didnt sleep before the trip, lol)

Day 2 - Woke up at around 2pm, hah. Pack the stuff for the subic trip, at 6pm went to Festival mall in alabang to meet my university friends, travel at night to subic and arrived there at around 2am.

Day 3 - Looking for hotels in subic, one of the lady asked us if we want to do a short time, it was funny coz in the beginning it was 2 guys and 1 girl, then one of our girl friend came and the lady looked shocked, and when my friend said we were 8 in total, the lady looked puzzled. hahaha. We end up looking for other hotels.

After waking up and preparing and stuff, we went to Zoobic to see animals and do the safari ride (tiny safari), after that we went to Tree Top Adventure and the rides were amazing especially the 60 ft tree drop ( youtube video of some random people)

Ended the day in another hotel which is nicer, had talk sessions with friends, realized a lot of stuff from that talk.

Day 4 - Went back to Manila to meet other friends and had dinner with them.

Day 5 - Woke up at around 12nn, went back to my grandfather's place to sleep there, also a preparing for the next day (meet up with best friends in high school)

Day 6 - Woke up so early at 6am, went to EcoPark to see the LaMesa Dam and go wall climbing and rappelling(again). Missed my best friends so much that i went home at around 2am. Just stayed in starbucks in MOA.

Day 7 - When back to our home in Cavite, meet one of my final project's teammate and chat for awhile as she is about to leave for Malaysia. After that my korean friend arrived and we walked from my place to our dorms before (20 mins), to walter malt (20 mins) and back to our school (30mins), took us forever. When we arrived in our school we were just in our flipflop but the guard let us in. hah. at night we meet one of his friend and just played computer games.

Day 8 - Went to meet the daughter of one of our friend whom we are godfather to, whom we havent meet after she was baptized, hah. We had a great time buying her a mini drums. At night went back and rest, since there are no internet connection, i had composed a song which i havent finish.

Day 9 - Went to the 20th Anniversary of Unida church in our place, after that brought some stuff for the journey back to hk. In the afternoon, went back to HK. Arrived home at 12midnight, sleep at around 2am fixing bugs for a freelance.

Wow this post is long, amazing. Anyhow, the next post would be about an Android app that i had been developing for the last 2-3 months. Its an educational based app, and there is still a lot of improvements and bugs on it. haha. I would open up some modules of that app which i think would advice some aspect of what i had been fighting for (Localization).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Almond!
Keep posting stories like this every once in a while. I'm sure your followers also enjoy reading this..

Greetings from Switzerland!