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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shoot and Learn

After few months of developing an android app for fun, finally got to release one on the market :)
Firstly thanks to SK Lam (his daugher's blog), to my parents for letting me stay late, to my friends for their suppor, to all who tested the app and to everyone that would download it.

The app is an application for kids to learn objects around them by capturing it and learning it like flash cards. From the sound of that there shouldn't be anything special with the app right?
Yes and no, yes its a flash card app like other but no, it has a better UI and UX (i hope) and its colorful with different themes (Signs of being a frontend guy, ahah).

Another interesting aspect is the Language feature (which i would like to open source it later when its ready), in here users can crowd source the language translation so that the translation of the app would be from its user base and thats the fun part of it :)

There is still a lot of improvements on the app and on the codes level, so brace yourself for bugs.

Head over the market place and search for "shoottolearn" <-- easier to find it with this way

Next blogs would be sharing the how to do on the apps. Any features on my app that you guys want me to blog? Comment down below. Thanks

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