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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Android 2010, Android 2011

First of all Merry Christmas, and i'll be going into hibernation mode until the new year comes so Happy New Year as well :)

Android in 2010
* Our little green friend has been on its way to world domination, we just launch a new one into the outer space (Which later would be known as the origin of the terminators)
* Android is found in multiple devices, from Phones, to Tablets (Galaxy Tab having 10M sold), to Google TV (my sister in US got me one :-] ), and a lot more
* Froyo & Gingerbread released, Market got its much awaited update, rooting/custom roms/xda are still strong and awesome
* People still call upon fragmentation on Android, yes it is but i would say its just fragmented between low end device and high end device which is better then the linux/unix fragmentation, and unless you're a game programmer the chances you would get this hardcore fragmentation is really less.

Our Site
* This year has been a slow year for and i hope i could make more tutorials next year
* Last year i shown i was doing something that could build android app easier, I announced it way too early and then Google created App Creator (I suggest everyone to give it a try), and i stopped the development and move on with something else like ShootAndLearn app

Android 2011
* Android would penetrate more market with Google TV having its app features, Tablets popping out left and right, PSP2 capturing the gaming community
* Android would not slow down its development, release often is better to push technology forward and Android is still young and evolving

* Quick Prediction on the future of Android (2011 and beyond)
* Finally i'll work for Google (ahahha) or be an Android programmer (I love WebProgramming too especially frontend technology like Javascript,Actionscript and CSS, yes Android is also frontend)
* PS4 would be announced as Google TV with PS and PSN
* Android would benefit from Chrome OS and vice versa (More apps would be web centric via webview)
* Java would not be the only language you can code Android with (currently you could do it) but future would be better (Javascript, Python or Ruby please)
* Android ndk would/should be married to Google Native Client (used in Chrome)
* O3D, WebGL, more HTML5 features to include in future version of Android
* Android would have WAC/Bondi features where you could call native functions from any website given you would grant them permission, Chrome OS might be the first to try this

As you can see most of my prediction expect PS4 is actually Android meeting Chrome OS, like what Eric Schmidt stated Android would eventually marry Chrome OS (Android 5.0?), this might not happen in 1 year time but most of the technologies between them are just overlapping each other and it make sense for them to meet later on (currently its still not ideal for it to happen).

To conclude our green friend has and would remain strong and I here would try to help more friends to get into the green robot army :) Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all of you


Mike said...

Wow, you're really cool sir, I'm not sure if ever you're working for Google now, You're the first Filipino to be a software engineer there. Cool!

monmonja said...

Tnx but im not working for Google, im working for a health company named healthguru, its on