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Friday, December 3, 2010

TutorialForAndroid first 1000 visit

After 2-3 years of this site, I finally hit the 1000 visit one single day, which just means i'm atleast helping 1000 (if all reads the tutorial) or a lot of programmers to Android with these tutorials :)

I would like to thanks everyone, and as we go forward, i would like focus on making series (like the drawing series) and as a new step to this site and my career, im opening up suggestions on what i could blog thus making use of google moderator, anyone can suggest a topic (please be warned that i do need time to learn them as well and only after work)

Thanks again


Anonymous said...

I am a new android developer, and i have found much useful knowledge in ur post. Thanks very much for all

C'dine said...

Your blog has inspired me to write android tutorials on topics that you have not yet touched:)