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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Going to ADL HK :)

This year, like last year, i have a chance to go to Android Developer Labs on Dec 6, i hope i learn more about android and how to code in tablets :) Anyone going?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Create Content Provider - Android Tool

Over at i created another tool (which i use most, so the generated code might make sense more to me) and its a tool to create content provider, the generated content provider class is one of the my oldest code structure which if someone knows a better way to do it then feel free to comment below and remember its an alpha tool so there might be some bugs on it.

Anyway without further talk, here is the link

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Making Android tools

Over at i'm completely rewriting the whole site with tools i use and the first tool is for Android. Making AlertDialog Check it out (Tested in Chrome, should work in Firefox, dont care about IE)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Testing Honeycomb

Lately there had been news that there were only few (100 or else) native honeycomb apps and there were only 100k or less Motorola Xoom released so far. Thanks to Google for not playing nice to the devs (remember G1 dev phone? where is our dev tablet?)

I still love Android but this is madness, first Xoom is only released on few countries (US and Canada, and ?) the rest of the developers on the world are treated like they dont exist, this was okay with G1/Android 1.0 but i mean its Android 3.0 and there are tones of good developers outside these countries that is waiting to bring their app to tablet form.

Wait there's the emulator, the emulator is so slow (did adjust the memory, heapsize, launched at terminal) but its just not fun working on it.

So now i'll wait for a honeycomb tablet to release here in Hong Kong (probably ill get an asus eee transformer) before i continue with my android stuff. Probably ill just do some node.js or php zend stuff in the meanwhile.

To end this, the number of apps released for the honeycomb tablets vs the days honeycomb is released (in numbers) is just so bad. Google should call the devs to help them like they did with Android 1.0 then alienating them.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

New work next month -

I firstly apologies for not I havent post for a while (3 months) and i havent answer any of the questions on my comments and i have some articles that requires an update, one reason is that i have been having some side projects on backend stuff.

Anyhow next month ill be joining doing some php stuff. I believe i'll have more free time when i start my new job for i will work remotely therefore ill try to work on this blog and android stuff and hope i could blog more articles, answer the questions soon, and update some old articles.

In my pipeline:
Shoot & Learn tablet version (i stopped the update of the phone version for now)
A drawing app that reflects the drawing tutorials i have on the site
Expends the language translate tool in most of my app
Probably start to create a game?

Thats all my goal in 2011. Thanks.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Opening an Activity with string in Android

This question has been asked here and and my problem is similar but i cant see the destination classes coz the classes are from different libraries and therefore i need to open an activity based on just the string and here is how i fixed mine:

try {
  String className = 'com.almondmendoza.library.openActivity';
  Intent openNewIntent = new Intent( this, Class.forName( className ) );
  startActivity(  openNewIntent );
} catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {

Here we use reflections and just convert our class name to a class object.

If you are interested in reflection we had blogged about it previously Access internal classes in Android and Calling Private Methods in Android