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Sunday, March 27, 2011

New work next month -

I firstly apologies for not I havent post for a while (3 months) and i havent answer any of the questions on my comments and i have some articles that requires an update, one reason is that i have been having some side projects on backend stuff.

Anyhow next month ill be joining doing some php stuff. I believe i'll have more free time when i start my new job for i will work remotely therefore ill try to work on this blog and android stuff and hope i could blog more articles, answer the questions soon, and update some old articles.

In my pipeline:
Shoot & Learn tablet version (i stopped the update of the phone version for now)
A drawing app that reflects the drawing tutorials i have on the site
Expends the language translate tool in most of my app
Probably start to create a game?

Thats all my goal in 2011. Thanks.