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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Back doing the android :)

For the last 3 years I was working under and was focused on doing mainly Javascript and PHP, was part of the team that builds client website (pluggable module sites) like the video sites of Diabetic Living and and web embed widgets like in sites Medhelp or Health Boards. It was a lot of fun doing it and learn a lot especially Javascript and how browser behaves. But sadly everything has to end, last year HealthGuru were brought by another company and since then it was on maintenance mode and last month I'm not with them anymore.

Now back in Android, as you could see I still do some android apps under Ramen Tech but almost no update on the blog :( One reason is that during those years i was relying on my previous knowledge on Android, i was using Fragment without understanding why it was created hah, i didnt know about the cool projects that Square gave to the android, and a lot more. And since Android changed a lot from 3 years ago, it was a perfect time to update my skills :)

As a start i'll do a shameless plug of the apps i created to enhance my skills
Throwback Thursday Reminder - if you never want to forget that you have to do tbt, explanation why i did this is on my G+ page

Social Days Reminder - for the ones that love posting theme/event based post on social networks, imagine getting reminded that today you have to post science sunday :)

For both project i used ButterKnife and appcompat-v7 to make it look consistent across all version (4.1+).