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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Android Links 2

Another round of Android links :)

1) Developing for Android: the Naughty Bits (Android Dev Summit 2015)

Last week i featured the article from medium (Developing for Android: Introduction), during Android Dev, Chet Haase and Romain Guy talks some aspect about it.

2) Android Studio for Experts- Cheat Sheet

Another one from Android Dev Summit, this time its Android Studio, @shem made a really nice cheat sheet based from the video.

3) AdMob integration in Android
If you need to use ads on your app and you want to use AdMob, then this blog shows you how to implement it from downloading dependencies in using sdk manager to including it on your group view. It shows how to implement code for both banner ads and interstial ads.

4) What’s in a web browser
This is about the web browser in Android, from the early days of Android to why it was super seeded by Chrome codebase on Android 4.3. It is a good read specially if you are developing a web app and/or want to know what's happening behind the browser.

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