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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Flutter 1.0

Back in 2015 we said here that Google is working to somethign to make the dart language build android app. After awhile we didnt hear about it and the product later then evolve to what we know know now as flutter. But instead of only building android app, the flutter team decided to make it build app cross platform, for both iOS and android. Fast forward to this week, flutter is now 1.0, and we at Mix Plate Media started playing with it when it reached rc 2.0. We started loving it and here are some of the things we love:

1) The way the UI is built is pretty amazing, it's all code based so if you're from react native that means no XML and CSS. The learning curve here is a bit high if you haven't develop code based UI but if you had on the past, it is pretty standard. Another great thing about the UI is that it has material design built into it, so things like transition to next screen with Hero Image is extremely simple.

2) Hot reload, most developers love this feature and we do. 90% of the time it does hot reload for you, when it doesn't it would rebuild the app for you. In one of our windows machine, hot reload was not working but as a workaround we just run the command line "flutter run" and press r when we update something. It's additional step from automatic hot reload but its still better then compiling the whole app everytime you change something.

3) It is stable, even before it reached 1.0 it is pretty stable, the flutter team build a lot of plugins which is great cos you know its first class support.

The future of is bright as flutter goes beyond mobile, later on you can export it as an embedded desktop app and even to the web. It is an exciting time to learn flutter.

Here is the announcement video:

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